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Everyone can be a Champion of Respect

Respect is Essential to a Functioning Society

— and the best way to replace despair and hostility with hope and civility is by working together to plant respect in our daily lives.

Respect has a huge effect.

Teams work better. Disagreements remain civil. Others are treated as you’d like to be treated, and communities can be cohesively diverse.

It drives business success.

On-the-job respect contributes to job satisfaction, increases employee engagement, creates an equitable environment, reduces workplace conflict, and fosters creativity and collaboration.

How do we get there?

By practicing respect daily and inspiring others to grow the movement for the sake of the next generation.
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Manners of the Heart
The organization behind this effort, Manners of the Heart, equips schools, encourages families, engages communities, and elevates businesses through respect-based education and training.

It’s a Movement.Look for our messages popping up across Baton Rouge and beyond.

SPREAD THE WORDand Challenge a Friend or Business

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Instructions on how to post online

To help spread the word, please consider creating a simple post on your personal social media or business networking channels. Here are two ways to go:
1. Make a personal post. Feel free to use the text below or create your own version (and tag a few friends if you like):

I’m proud to be a Champion of Respect because it’s a virtue that benefits everyone, every day. Learn more at ChampionOfRespect.org — and I challenge [friend name/handle], [friend name/handle] and [friend name/handle] to join the movement and make a post. #championofrespect #plantrespect #respectBR #mannersoftheheart #mannersmatter  

2. Give your business a shout-out. Show that your company supports the movement with a short post like this, and consider challenging other businesses to get involved:

I’m proud to work for a company that’s a Champion of Respect. We’re learning more about the real benefits of workplace respect and doing our best to be even better. To make your company part of the movement, visit ChampionOfRespect.org. Will you join us, [company name/handle], [company name/handle] and [company name/handle]? #championofrespect #plantrespect #respectBR #mannersoftheheart #rootedinrespectTo add a graphic to your post, use the free tools directly below. Or if you’d rather, simply use a photo of your family or work team.
Watering a Heart to help it grow.


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Use These Free Tools to Plant Respect and Help it Grow.

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Watering a Heart to help it grow.

Is Your Business a Champion of Respect?

Join this growing community of supporters to help bring Louisiana to the forefront of a national discussion on respect.
Contact us to learn more about your opportunities and benefits.

Tier 1 Champs

Foundational partners, early adopters, respect visionaries. $25,000+

MEDIA Champs

Using your voice to grow the movement.

Community Champs

Using your influence to champion respect.
Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome

Non Profit Champs

Nonprofit partners working to champion respect in our communities.
Franciscan University
McMain CDC
Hope Ministries

Ready to be a Champion of Respect?

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